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They say time and distance make you forget. They lie.
Even though it’s been years, I still can’t get Camille out of my mind, my heart.
When my band, Full Moon, returns home for a new tour,
I take it as a sign and know I have to find her.
I want—no, I need answers.
And she’s going to give them to me.


Years ago, I broke my own heart because it was the right thing to do.
I’ve lived with the pain of it every day since.
I never imagined I’d have to face my first love again.
But now he’s back. His demand for answers turns my world upside down.
The wounds of our past run deep. They say time heals all wounds.
I hope they’re right because I don’t think I can say goodbye again.

FATE is a second chance romance. It’s book 2 in the Jonathan & Camille duet and must be read in order.

Stacy Stone - Author of the Full Moon Series

About the author

Stacy Stone made her debut in Belgium with her Verlangen series under her Dutch name Stefanie Van Mol.

She loved writing so much, she kept writing. Say You Want Me, the first book of her Full Moon series.

She won the Brave New Book of the year Award in the Netherlands in 2016 and decided to translate the book to English.


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